Renewed… regained.. relaunched..

Its my intention to relaunch this blog, I set it up on wordpress over eight years ago and basically haven’t used it since that first post..


however all that is about to change…


Launch Day GTA

As well as this ere blog yolk, GTA 4 launched today, I almost bought it, not because of the 10 out of 10 reviews that abound in the on-line and mag media but because I have all the other previous GTAs, and you see that’s essentially part of the problem, the same -i-ness of it all is starting to irritate me, like a bank teller counting notes individually, like a cinema usher trying to save battery, like… you get the irritation picture, it just seems to be happening, maybe its me just turning into the old fart I am or maybe there’s something rotten going on in general and that doesn’t just apply to GTA, it’s the whole shooting gallery, as the latest waves of innovation in games has begun to bore me senseless, assassin’s creed – that’s two ‘ass’ ‘ass’ and an ‘in’, as in; my head is in my assassin’s creed for forking out 70 euro for a fabulous looking but ultimately BORING game. GTA 4 oh I don’t know I may end up buying it and then whining for a long long time afterwards, anyway it’ll give me something to whine on about again.

This post has nothing to do with GTA 4, I was just here to set up a blog for later use and noticed it had the old hello world stuff going on so I changed it. More about GTA later, I’m off to watch the champions league semi final second leg between Man Poo and Barca. Later…..